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Boarding: 1 Dog – $50/ day

* 33% discount on each dog after 1st with same owner.
* For daycare & boarding only.

2 Dogs – $83.50/ day
3 Dogs – $117/ day

– Boarding fee is $50/ day except departure day.
– Departure day is half/ or full day daycare fee.
– Half or full day fee based on pre-determined p/u before or after 12pm, everyday of the year.

* Included in each ADDO dog’s boarding fee is cage-free daycare fun all day & evening, with appropriate size playmates!

Unlike traditional Kennel or Veterinary offerings ADDO boarding offerings are not based upon 24-hour periods for billing.

ADDO dogs have been fed & are out playing in their play area with staff before our doors open for business 365 days a year.

Boarding dogs must arrive before 3pm everyday.

It is recommended they arrive earlier in the day so that they peak later in the day with the rest of their pack.

Earlier arrivals also help ensure a good appetite at feeding times & a sound sleep during the initial overnight.

Dry Dog Food
ADDDO offers high end dry food for boarding dogs. Prices based on size and a per day cost.

* Small $.75
* Medium $1.50
* Large $2.00

The 1st days boarding fee is the same whether your dog arrives in the morning or early afternoon.
Reservations required & pre-paid in advance for Major U.S. Holiday’s.

All non-Holiday boarding is paid no later than drop off.